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WHO? Every youth can earn TRI BOWL SCHOLARSHIP DOLLARS by bowling in a Tri Bowl establishment. This scholarship program rewards PARTICIPATION, unlike most that tend to reward size, speed, or skill. Every youth bowler is eligible to participate. Therefore, it is truly a program where


WHAT? This scholarship program is an exclusive activity conducted in Tri Bowl bowling centers and is open to all youth bowlers who have not graduated from high school. Preschool youths are considered eligible to participate.

Enrolled youth bowlers accumulate "points" in their bowling center by participating in League Bowling, Youth Bowling programs State, Local, and In-Center tournaments, etc.

Each year, the points are converted into Scholarship Dollars and are credited under the youth bowler's name until he/she has graduated from high school. The more bowling activities a youth participates in each year, the more points (scholarship dollars) will be earned and credited to the individual youth account.

WHEN? In order to get started in the program, a youth bowler must apply for registration at one of the three Tri Bowl centers (Oviedo Bowling Center, Oviedo, FL; Triangle Lanes, Mt. Dora, FL; BowlArena, Brunswick, GA). The first year registration fee is $10.00 per youth. Registration fee for all succeeding years is only $5.00 per youth.

To remain eligible, the youth bowler must remain on the TRI BOWL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM each year until he/she graduates from high school. Each year, after the scholarship dollar calculations have been concluded, parents receive a letter detailing the amount in the youth's fund and how it was accumulated. When a youth bowler graduates and enrolls in some kind of advanced education beyond the high school level, such as a college/university, trade school, or any recognized institution of specialized training, the accumulated scholarship dollars are paid to the institution on behalf of the youth bowler. Enrollment must be within 18 months after graduation from high school.

WHY? Year in and year out, bowling has the largest number of participants of any organized sport. Most athletic scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance, size, and special skills. The TRI BOWL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is based on PARTICIPATION. Bowling is a sport that is lifetime in nature and can be played year-round by people of all ages and physical abilities. In addition, the TRI BOWL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is designed to keep youth bowlers in a bowling program through high school and beyond. It is a program that provides community awareness and elevates the image of bowling among educators, parents, and the general public.

HOW? In order to develop and maintain this scholarship program, it will take the combined effort of concerned parents and the youth of our Tri Bowl youth programs. In-house fundraising activities will be conducted by the youth leagues on order to fund this program.

Remember... 100 Percent of all funds raised will be returned to all registered youth bowlers in the form of Scholarship Dollars.