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Week Ending MAY 11, 2019

High Handicap Game of the Week

Shining Stars

JOHNATHAN MELVIN 204                     BRIANNA JABLONSKI 220

Oviedo Strikers

NATHAN JABLONSKI 269                     EMBER DISORBO 240                 

                                                                        Radical Rollers

BRADLEY SCHNEITER 275                     EMILY CAPEN 258

High Handicap Series of the Week

Shining Stars

                         JOHNATHAN MELVIN 407                     BRIANNA JABLONSKI 423                                      

Oviedo Strikers

   NATHAN JABLONSKI 742                     SAVANNAH HERNDON 655              

Radical Rollers

BRENDAN CARNEY 746                     MAKAYLA ANGEL 696

Junior Gold

High Scratch Game of the Week 5/1/19 

EVAN KORN 258                     BROOKE ROBERTS 236

Hi Scratch Series of the Week 5/1/19 

EVN KORN 640                    SHAUNA RODGERS 626  

Pin Pals

High Handicap Game of the Week 5/211/19 

ANDY ROTGER 257                     HAILEY MORAN

Hi Handicap Series of the Week 5/21/19 

SAM PLATT 662                    HAILEY MORAN 662

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Shining Stars

Oviedo Strikers

Radical Rollers

Junior Gold

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