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Every school, organization, or group seeks to raise money for one reason or another:
—The senior class who wants to take that special trip
—The music or athletic department that needs better equipment
—A group looking to help the less fortunate
There are too many reasons to list.

Whatever your school or organization needs, we have a way to raise the money in a Fun, Festive, Family Atmosphere!

We at Oviedo Bowling Center have lots of experience at organizing fundraisers THAT WORK! We stay with you every step of the way!

We will be happy to meet with any group to present our many fundraising formats and help you raise the money you need!

Here are a few examples of successful fundraising events:


50/50 PARTY

The 50/50 party is the easiest way to raise funds. Simply choose a date and we will reserve lanes for you at 2 different times typically 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Saturday or Sunday.  Each participants will get 2 games of bowling and rental shoes. You Sell Tickets for your event for $12.00 each, we are paid $6.00 for each person who bowls and you keep the balance of $6.00 per person. Events of this type have had as many as 100 people in attendance raising $600 for the organization.  One way to raise additional funds is to have 1 50/50 drawing or collect prizes and have a silent auction during the event.




The bowl a thon requires a bit more work and organization. It is similar to a walk a thon. Participants will collect pledges from sponsors for cents per pin, usually .01 - .05 cents per pin.  A minimum of 5 sponsors would be required. Participants will bowl 2 games then collect pledges based on the combined score for 2 games.  You would pay us $5.00 per participant. The typical bowler will score a combined total of about 200 for 2 games thereby collecting a donation of $2.00 to $10.00 per sponsor.

A participant with 5 sponsors pledging .03 cents per pin, bowling a score of 200 for 2 games would collect $30.00 less the $6.00 for bowling and have $24.00 for the organization. With 40 participants you could raise $960 in one event.



 The fun tournament is run with 3 fun games, 9 pin no tap ( 9 pins down on the 1st ball counts as a strike), 3 - 6 - 9 , automatic strikes in the 3rd 6th and 9th games, and a regular game of bowling.  The Entry fee per person would be $16, of this $6 is paid for bowling, $5 is established as a prize fund to reward the high scores, usually 1 in 5 bowlers receive awards, and $5 is paid to the organization. Attendance of 50 people would raise $250 for the organization.



The bowling party is for groups that are well organized and requires a dedicated party committee.  Tickets for the event are usually $20 per person which covers 2 games of bowling, rental shoes, Pizza, Hot Dogs, hamburgers, salads, domestic draft beer and soft drinks for 2 hours.  

All of the $20 is paid to the bowling center.

The organization secures sponsors for each lane which represent the amount the organization keeps, charging $100 per lane would net the organization $2400 if all lanes were sold, during the event silent auctions and 50/50 drawings are also held to generate more funds for the organization.


For information regarding FUNdraisers

Please Call Kurt Stille at 407-366-5000

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